What We Have Done

Our  expertise has created value across a range of complex situations involving under-performing and legacy assets and challenged managers including:

  • We acquired limited partnership interests in a 15 year old growth capital fund and refinanced the fund’s last remaining investment. Returned 58x money and 75% IRR

  • We removed and replaced the manager of a small-mid market growth and buyout fund which had lost the confidence of its investors. We worked with investors to build support for our action plan. Returned 1.7x money and 25% IRR

  • We restructured a brand name buy-out fund with over £2bn AUM, in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, reducing the size of the fund and ensuring the survival of the manager. Returned 1.7x money and 59% IRR

  • By way of a takeover offer we acquired a quoted fund of unlisted investments which had been dogged by poor performance, a weak share price, and a high discount to NAV. Returned 1.7x money and 8% IRR

  • We orchestrated the spin out of a mid-market buyout manager with a limited track record, and concurrently managed the secondary sale of a significant fund interest where previously no buyer had been found. Returned 2.3x money and 43% IRR

  • We changed the focus of a venture manager struggling to raise funds and acquired (and raised funding for) a basket of interests from a manager seeking partial liquidity. Likely to return c 10x money and 23% IRR

  • We have been involved in the sale of a significant number of private equity fund managers and are experts in the issues facing managers

  • We have instigated a widespread reconstruction of the ownership and management structures of a private equity fund manager facing existential threats following the sudden death of a founder